Who We Are?


Horn of Africa Genocide Watch (HAGW) is a Broad-Based Organization born and selected in the ordeal of a popular demand for the struggle of human dignity in the Horn of Africa. It is founded on the principles of democracy, solidarity, freedom, social justice and progress towards equality.
HAGW is progressive in its approach and administrative philosophy. Hence, HAGW refuses to be drawn into tribal and sectional politics. In addition, HAGW denies Tribalism, Regionalism, ‘One ethnic’ aggression or dominance, Individualism or egocentricity, Favoritism, Ethnicity, Un-patriotism and Reactionary.
HAGW upholds the principles of Altruism, Patriotism, Equality and Equity

 values of hagW:

  •         Genocide prevention.
  •         Teach genocide victims and the perpetrators to combat genocidal crimes.
  •         Seek justice for all genocide victims at local and International Legal Institutions.
  •        Institute legal proceedings against anyone/any policy/any leader/any party behind a genocide against HUMAN (prosecute criminals)

hagw Missions:

    • Expose genocide crimes, genocide strategies and the criminals to the international community.
    • Educate the target communities of the Horn to prepare against misleading genocidal strategies of the 21st century.
    • Establish strong international networks among sister humanitarian Institutions, United Nations and interested Nations around the world to prosecute perpetrators and criminals.


Who can imagine what is in the mind of this person?

hagw visions: