Horn of Africa Genocide Watch (HAGW) defends the rights of people in the Horn of Africa. It is dedicated to spotlighting inhumanity and genocide against voiceless societies in the Horn of Africa. There have been growing violent killings, evictions, and excruciating uprooting of helpless women and children in several parts of Ethiopia since the state was created. This has been a process that was developed in several stages. At each stage, millions of Ethnic Oromo, Qimant, Walayita, Ogadenia, Afar, Anyuwaq, Sidama and Konso nationals have been killed, maimed and evicted. The evolutionary process of this genocide has not been linear throughout the stages of development for the last 150 years.

The rise of vicious barbarity of state violence and genocide committed against several East African native society is a perilous inhumanity of the modern days. Particularly the majority nationals of Ethiopia, the Oromos have been the target of the tyrants of Ethiopia for more than a century and half. In addition, the Qimant nationals of the Amhara region, and several other minority natives of Ethiopia are experiencing similar agony of painful brutality of the nation’s autocrats for years. The lawlessness of the 21st century is a horrible legacy that international community, humanitarian institutions and all nations around the world must stand together to protect innocent lives.   

The inhumane activities are partially narrated by a few foreign travelers and missionaries. Free and honest media are nonexistent, but the fictional state-owned media and the journalists are funded by the tyrants to portray theoretical humanity to mislead the world and even use the mock agents to mystify international donors towards funding the inexplicable cruelty that has never seen in the modern history. The sophisticated version of the old day genocide is still active against the majority Oromos and several minority natives of Ethiopia. However, the evidences related to mass 



murder in the Horn are merely conceded as a heroic deed or as a rare form of trickled secrets by the possible offenders through perceptive generations.  Mass killings committed in several sections of Oromia are the most shocking brutality against human. For example, 100s and 1000s of Oromos were killed at Chalanko, Anole, Boru Meda, Makdala, Abeebe, Imbabo and very recently the inhumanity has been expanded in the entire Oromoia. The merciless strategies against innocent kids, pregnant women and all family casualties during Thanksgiving Holiday celebration of October 02, 2016, the Irrecha massacre clearly displayed the inaccuracy and the dysfunctional media of the tyrant states. Several related case of the Southern nationals and Qimant population were never reported or properly recorded by any member of the victimized ethnic groups. 

The massacres are either reported as principal criminals published accounts as philosophic justification of genocide against indigenous people. Therefore, the Horn of Africa Genocide Watch invites all humanitarian organizations, peace loving nations and international Organizations to speak up for all innocent victims of the East African nations towards saving generations. It is a moral commitment of everyone to stop inhumanity, particularly immediate prevention of Genocide in the Horn of Africa must be a fundamental subject to be pressed at the global standard because it has a tremendous impact on the global stability. This can start by building consciousness of the victims and international communities to build principal strategies to collectively support humanitarian operations towards saving innocent lives. The primary goals of the Horn of Africa Genocide Watch (HAGW) will be building international collaborations to reveal multiple approaches of genocide through generating knowledge and spreading original data of the modern inhumanity in the Horn of Africa. HAGW sincerely pleas for humanitarian and moral obligations of all individual and institutional members to advocate for collective actions to prevent genocide. In addition, HAGW commend everyone’s action to collaborate by holding the criminals accountable for the gross violation of international laws against innocent lives.